We Got you covered.

Nodeze's Platform enables support for every apps of your company/team requires.

Integrate data from multiple endpoints

Nodeze platforms support multiple data endpoints called nodes. Dozen at most with native support.Some application requires custom implementation and rest connectivity Nodeze’s platform bridges this gap using its Connection API called Nscript.

Nodeze Nscript API

Nodeze Nscript API that allows you to push any arbitrary data into your favourite application with ease.

How it Works:

Nodeze uses javascript runtime called NEngine and comes with rich set of API for all kinds of integration tasks.

Use NEngine, a lightweight, scalable js runtime engine for APIs, integrations, and microservices. Deploy anywhere — on-premises, to the cloud, or both. Ensure 99.99% uptime, which handles over 1 million request/response per month. Reap the benefits of GCM to deploy or on-premises using IIS. Explore NScript runtime engine

Get Record from Netsuite

//initialize Netsuite Node $NS.initalize({ id:"19" }); var res =$NS.getRecord({ type:"purchaseorder", id:"1234" }); $LOG.debug("response",res);